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The OEB's have been developed by a number of  breeders, not just one as you might hear some say.  However, we do know that Mr. Leavitt started the wave in 1971  when he followed a formula created by Dr. Fechimer  of Ohio University.  He  used a mix of  four different dogs: 50% English Bulldog and the other 50% in a combination of the Bullmastiff,  Americian Pit Bull  Terrier, and American Bulldog, (in equal parts).  Then, named them the "Olde English Bulldogges".

     In the 1700 & 1800's the Bulldogs conformation and personality changed depending on the need and desire for that decade.  As a result, today's breeders seem to be guided by their personal likes and dislikes, thus creating several different styles of OEB's.  Some are very large, weighing up to 145lbs, while others are much smaller and very chunky looking, closely looking like today's modern English Bulldogs . 

   There are several web sites you can search out for information of the OEB's, and many will tell you their opinion of how they interpret the true history of the OEB's.  The information I have given to you is to the best of my ability correct, after years of my own research into this breed. Other informative sites you can go to would be the IOEBA club and the ABKC club. Both are registry's of the OEB"S. 

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