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The UK's Kennel Club which has been governing breeding standards for over 135 years in Great Britain has revised the rules on breeding English Bulldogs. The new standards will make it easier for the bulldogs to breath, walk and breed. The Kennel Club states that over generations, breeders have exaggerated the bulldog's traditional large jowly face, stubby legs, and big powerful shoulders, which has lead to  problems for them to breath, walk and even breed.

     The NEW bulldog guidelines declare the bulldog's classic over-nose wrinkle "must never adversely affect or obscure eyes or nose", and that a heavy over-nose wrinkle is "unacceptable and should be heavily penalized." Along with these changes will be a longer snout, torso and legs, with a leaner body. The Bulldog will be well ribbed up behind, with it's belly tucked up and not pendulous. Hence..."The OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE!" 

     Below is an article on the new look for the English Bulldogs or you can go to the United Kennel club for the new standards.  
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